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Helps body functioning at best applying outward pressure

Hijama (Cupping)

Toxic blood drawing leaving body toxins free

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Homeopathy · · ☕️ 5 mins read

Introduction to Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a form of medicine that views and treats the body as a whole entity and helps it heal itself. It can be used for acute or chronic illnesses. The treatment is based on the principle that ...
Hijama · · ☕️ 2 mins read

What is hijama

Introduction to Hijama and its benefits
· ☕️ 2 mins read

Pregnancy Journey of a mother-to-be with Homeopathy

Amazing Story of a mother-to-be's pregnancy journey with classical homeopathy.
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Right time of taking a treatment

Never overlook what signs your body gives!

What people are saying

Starting off with a consultation about an ovarian cyst, a kidney stone, and a super-intensive migraine, I could never have imagined where this treatment would take me. Of all the things, the happiest outcome of this treatment is the internal journey that was lost somewhere due to the extreme mental and emotional stress I was in.

I don't know where my cyst and kidney stone went after four months of this treatment, but all I know is that I'm not concerned about them anymore. If I sum up my experience in a few words, I won't hesitate to admit that this treatment brought me back to life when I was on the verge of giving up. Although my migraine is still under treatment, the mental and emotional ease brought about by this treatment tops every single thing happening in my body.

This stability gives me the courage and confidence to fight the biggest of physical, mental, and emotional breakdowns. Alhumdulillah.

Hamna Saad Student

I have taken Dr. Madiha's prescription and advice multiple times for my 4-year-old. She is always thorough and takes detailed detailed history.

Alhamdulillah, my child has always benefited from medicines prescribed by Dr Madiha. In addition to homeopathy, she also advises patients on the home remedies with natural ingredients.

I'd recommend Dr Madiha to anyone in a heartbeat.

Maryam Iqbal Mother