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Pregnancy Journey of a mother-to-be with Homeopathy


The news of becoming parents is so exciting and overwhelming for everyone who goes through this experience Excitement... fear... the unfolding situation, all end up with the idea of mother-to-be getting the most upgraded health care. One might have thought the physical care, diet, and rest but a super dominant factor is the Emotional health of the mother which you might not be thinking about.

I want to narrate the story of my patient here. she was in her early thirties and she contacted me when she was around 4 weeks conceiving her second pregnancy.

Due to some extreme relationship issues between the spouses, she was not finding her ready for this phase.

Physically she had low iron levels, a very severe morning sickness, and loss of appetite.

Upon taking a detailed history it was very clear that she was the victim of long-suppressed emotions and she was extremely worried about being a mother again. A traumatic flashback after the first pregnancy experience and the behavior of her husband was creating a mess in her mind. This all was physically manifesting and causing her to show uncountable symptoms.

Her treatment got started. It was folded in so many layers.

Homeopathy worked on her morning sickness issue.

Her appetite came to a better level.

Her blood and iron levels were taken care and her extreme anxiety issues came to a better level.

With some natural ups and downs that are bound to happen in human life, her pregnancy was overall smooth. her emotions which she used to unconsciously suppress, came to a normal level.

She delivered her healthy baby normally and decided to stay in contact for the post-delivery issues.

Her beautiful journey with homeopathy was smooth, hassle-free, and full of mental, emotional, and physical health.